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We pride ourselves on our entertaining, informative and passionate tour guides. Most are Dublin natives, but all are veterans of dublin tourism and have a deep drive to help you experience an exciting Dublin Tale! 

 Dublin Tales Founder, Alexander O'Fhailghigh.

Alexander Vard

Dublin Tales was established by Dublin native Alexander Vard. With history degrees from both Trinity College Dublin and Edinburgh University, Alex is an expert in Ireland's history, politics and culture.

Having gained experience as a tour guide with several tour companies in Dublin, Alex has extensive knowledge of the fair city and is an energetic and entertaining tour guide.

Whether you're visiting Dublin as a tourist or you've lived here for years, Alex will provide a unique, informative and entertaining city walk to remember.


 Dublin Tales guide, Sarah Finnegan.

Sarah Finnegan

Termonfeckonian by birth, Sarah has spent her adult life exploring Dublin's streets in search of its hidden tales and treasures. Having studied history, archaeology and art history in UCD and Trinity College Dublin her knowledge of the capital city spans from prehistory to the present day.

Working as a tour guide in Dublin has enabled her to further explore the city, encouraging locals and visitors alike to see this fair city through fresh eyes with fascinating and informative tales of its streets, statues, and most importantly, its citizens.

 Dublin Tales Guide, James Anderson.

James Anderson

Born and bred in Edinburgh. James crafted his storytelling skills on the Edinburgh stages and in the pubs, depending on what time of day it was. Working with a number tour companies in Edinburgh his love of history and local knowledge served him well. Keeping in with the great Scottish tradition of moving during economic recessions, he found his way to Dublin.

James delivers his tours with wit and a wry sense of humour and is always happy to point you in the right direction for a good tipple.

 Dublin Tales guide, Mick Farrelly.

Mick Farrelly

A Dubliner born and bred in the heart of the city's working class "Coombe". Michael was raised on Irish history and folk tales while at his grandfather's knee. After spending over a decade working in a Photographic gallery Mick turned his skills to tour guiding.

Mick has spun his tales in such national institutions as Christ Church Cathedral and Kilmainham Gaol Museum. He will give you a unique homespun tale of Dublin's rare auld times!

 Dublin Tales guide, Orla McGreal.

Orla McGreal

Orla is a born and breed Dubliner. She loves her city and its history. Story telling is her passion and she will recount quirky Dublin tales to anyone who will listen! Orla has traveled and lived in many countries and has shown friends from all over the world her city. The  stories of her city and the people will make your trip unforgettable!

 Dublin Tales guide, Brian Hennessy.

Brian Hennessy

Born in Dublin, Brian has a passion for the city. He expresses this through topics such as folklore, heritage, history, Celtic mythology and archaeology. Brian has studied these topics at university in Dublin and its his pleasure to present the city's past to visitors and Dubliners alike.